Mossy Oak Graphics ATV Camo Kit Installation Instructions


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    Super et beau travail.

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    Just spent the entire day installing and very dis-appointed with results.
    Watched video several times and own a heat gun. Contour area’s came out
    with lots of wrinkles. Re-positioning makes bunching on the edges once
    the backing is removed. Not excellent outcome based on cost and time spent.

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    Would this stick to very course textured fenders? Someone used course sand
    paper to paint it ans stripping the paint would only make it look worse.

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    We do any vehicle, boats, trucks whatever thing you want cammo! we can install!
    Face book WHIPLASH MEDIA!…for info

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    I reckon a Polaris Scrambler would look fantastic in Mossy Oak Graphics.

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    Our ATV kits are 199.95 and are available at our website in the video

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    ty excellent video

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    Did my gun in this look me up. bradbenjaminadams1

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    I’m trying to camo up a 1985 250es Huge Red three wheeler. The only generous
    area is the fenders. The front fender is like 12in by 20in. Not sure about
    the rear fenders but I feel like if I bought the 4′ by 10′ that it would be
    too much extra skin that I would have no use for. So if I by a few 48″
    pieces for $10 a cut can I over lap them to make one generous cut to cover
    my rear plastics? Or will they not stick together?

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    So im going to order this, but I dont want to install there
    anyone I can get to do this install? Will my honda dealer do this or a boke
    place? Or is this strictly do it you s3lf kind of thing?

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    Would this look ok on a red 2001 polaris scrambler 500 4×4

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    I got a Polaris 800 and its a huge machine will one kit do the job.

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    thats how camo affect is done ? or its just sticker i wanted to know how
    real camo is made

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    Thanks arcticzlusa we appreciate it

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    What pattern is that?

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    You can lap pieces. You can disguise the seam by cutting the edge in a wave

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    I have this camoflauge kit ordered for my atv but I am wondering about
    scratches in my plastics? Will the kit go on fine over them or do you
    recommend sanding or body filler? Thanks

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    Brandon, the vinyl of the camo kit will unquestionably cover your scratches,
    but also will conform the body as is, so you may feel ridges. If you want a
    smooth feel fill in the scratches first, but it is not necessary. Post on
    picture on Mossy Oak Graphics facebook – we’d like to set it when you are

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    What’s the typical cost of the kit? Thanks!

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    Camo on ATV’s that are sold are most likely hydro dipped.

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    nice vid guys. very descriptive. i like it. excellent job.

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    can this material be used to wrap dimentional calligraphy. i have a 3 foot 3d
    letter “A” im trying to wrap with an image or patter. is this doable to
    be able to get into every break and through the apex of the A?

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    Hey, Chris. There is a link at the bottom of our homepage (which can be
    found in the video info) in the middle section under Product Information
    entitled “Find an Installer.”

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    Is it recommended to sand the plastics previous to applying a wrap or is
    cleaning excellent enough?