atv survival kit colaberation.wmv


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    Reckon shelter, fire, water, food,and communication and self protection 

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    Food, 8×10 tarp,water bottle with built in purification,fire starter,first
    aid kit,rain ponchos,survivial blankets,knife,multi tool,folding hand
    saw,25 to 50 feet paracord,maps of area that you are in,gps or
    compass,flashlight,signal mirror,whistle,duck tape,zip ties,small LED
    lantern,wet wipes,spare batterys if needed,cooking pot,aluminum foil.heavy
    work gloves,glow sticks if you have the room-hand held CB radio,hatchet or
    tomahawk,small handgun,flare gun,small folding shovel

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    I have a 250 honda and it has stove military style, axe,millitary style
    shovel t handle, folding saw, rope and come along,small backpack
    orange,small tow stap, survival vest military style that has fire starter
    signaling, water, food,first aid kit,flares, ham radio repair kit for the
    bike and tires. once i get retired i will be making a video and post it on
    youtube have fantastic day

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    you should have,2 rain ponchos,2 survival blankets,20feet of para
    cord,compass, watertight storage area containing maches and fishing
    kit,whistle,fier starter,ring wire saw,multi-function swiss army style
    knife,magnifing glass andled crank flaslight. this is what i have in my atv
    kit and some mres 2, and 4 water bottels.

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    In my Honda Foreman i keep a 8 by 10 tarp, water, buck knife, different
    size batteries, LED sparkle light, Spot GPS, cell buzz, matches, tools, tow
    strap, first aid kit, whistle, shovel/axe combo, blanket, paracord, and
    food (granola bars, crackers, vianna sausages). Thanks for posting this

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    The other half MP3 Player and Head Phones, Bungees, Camera and Go Pro,
    Cooler, Cell Buzz and Charger, Wool Hat, Warm Gloves, Dry socks, Water
    Proof Bag, Water Shoes, Extra Pair Shoes, Bathing Suit, 3 Day’s worth of
    Clothes, Garbage Bag for Dirty Clothes, Sweat Shirt, Meds, Snacks.. We are
    doing a 3 day over night in 2 days and this is what I will have with me…

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    @snowman44077 check out the video on my site “survival kit for dummies” end
    scheme of the kit thought but please do share what yo would come up
    with….very interested. thanks for the sub.

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    Private Survival Kit: Fire Kit, Head Lamp w/Spare Batteries, GPS w Cords,
    Tea and Bouillon Cubes, Space Bag, Lip Balm and Sun Tan Lotion, Protection/Sun
    Glasses, Knife, First Aid Kit, Metal Cup, Rain Gear, Water Filter, Bug Net,
    Space Bag, Fishing Kit and Fish Pole and Fishing Law Book.ATV Survival
    Kit:ATV Oil, Tow Rope, Stove, Dust Mask or Bandana, Flat Tire Repair Kit
    and Air Pump, Boots, Work Gloves,