Ford Electronic Returnless Fuel System Diagnosis (Part 1)


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    Thanks so much!! I have two check engine codes the P0191 and P1237. The
    P1237 code is for the fuel pump secondary path (Fuel pump driver
    module). Could my module be terrible then according to the check engine
    code? And the P0191 is the fuel pressure sensor, now at the end of your
    video you did not go into the sensor. I need to check the sensor but have
    no thought where it is. somewhere on the fuel rail I would imagine? Could you
    help me pinpoint it? by the way I have a 2000 F Taurus 3.0 V.6 DOHC. In
    this video, there is no fuel regulator as you said, I can’t seem to find
    one in the car either can you confirm this? Thank you so much!!! Please get
    back to me asap!!! Thank you so much!!

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    Way too much input to the the do it yourself for way too much time spent
    the mechanic. But ok cool you spent all that time to find out it was a terrible
    fuel pump trying to help my wife to under stand cars and what i do

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    Exceptional video, got the same car with what looks like the same problem,
    hopefully it is

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    Thanks Dan, lots of information, but very helpful information.

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    Hey scannerdanneri have an 06 ford f150 and it is a no start the driver
    module was broken so I replaced it the I tartan all the wires and
    everything is getting ground and power where it should but the pump subdue
    doesn’t kick on unless I power it directly w the power probe any advice
    would be helpful the only other thing I don’t know is the driver

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    thank you!

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    so the fuel pump is modulated like a epc solenoid /force motor in a
    transmission thanks for the help i am a transmission tech so when i have
    other problems i some times need a small help

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    Does this car have a (FRPS) Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor ?Could you show how
    to test that ?

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    EXCELLENT! Can you tell me?… 2000 Taurus, no FP prime at KO; At the FPDM
    I have 12V in from inertia switch at KOEO, 12V at White/red (to FP) and 12V
    at Black/pink (FP ground) which drops to 0.45V on crank and then returns to
    12V. Again, no FP prime at KO. Does this indicate dead FP?

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    the rail pressure sensor is the only “feedback” signal but the PCM uses all
    of the other inputs to determine what the ideal pressure should be

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    Excellent vid. i would reckon that this kind of pump would last longer than pumps
    that run at full speed all of the time, not less as someone else said,
    since there would be less wear and tear, less r-p-m-s..

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    Yah. First view and comment!!

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    HI PAUL i wrote you like a month ago on my 2005 nissan pathfinder getting
    STfueltrim 11 to 12 and my LONGfueltrim 9.4 and my o2 reading lean bank 1
    and very poor mpg about 9.5. i just went an change the o2 wide band, no
    luck.Today i have tdc 340 i went n change camshaft p.s for bank 1 and back
    to nomal my MPG it now at 15.2,im really HAPPY .THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR
    VIDEOS …

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    Thanks ScannerDanner! I have a ’03 Taurus with an intermittent start
    condition. I don’t have a assess manual on hand and this is a fantastic help
    to get to the issue. I couldn’t find the fuel pump control module on the
    car to troubleshoot it. Awesome help!

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    @bobby8926 Excellent question, I have to say that I am not seeing these pumps
    fail any more than a conventional one.

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    when i am checking for grounds i look to see if there is continuity to
    body, would that be an acceptable way of checking? I also check for
    amperage on the power wires because continuity can be biased and doesn’t
    measure current

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    i did your method of checking spark using a test light, and i got no
    spark, i hear the fuel pump start when i place KOEO, i just want to question some
    advice what to check next 2005 explorer xlt 4.0 flex non sporttrac thanks
    for the vids, learned a lot!

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    @NOEISY1 Are you having any driveability problems? Both upstream O2 sensors
    should be switching rich lean. It sounds like your bank 1 O2 is not. But I
    would be careful about putting an O2 in this as a small vacuum leak on bank
    1 could cause this condition too.

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    im not sure. look on the fuel rail, if you see a pressure sensor then it is
    this system

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    Fantastic video, very informative. Surpass than many manufacturer training

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    Do these have advantages over the pressure regulator type of systems?

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    Fantastic man, glad to here it. Sorry I didn’t help you with that one.

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    is this a less reliable system than habitual ones?

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    It does and I can on a different car in the future as this one is fixed and
    back to the customer. Testing is identical to any pressure sensor. 5v
    reference, signal and a ground. Signal voltage is analog and changes in
    proportion to fuel rail pressure. Low voltage, nearly .5 volt = 0 psi (if I
    remember correctly)

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    did all the Diagnosis on the black box module connecters and the inertia
    switch and everything passed…So what the HELL is up with this car? anyone
    thinks it’s the Fuel pump? or something else? Any feedback is valued