How to test motorcycle CDI box, ignition coil


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    hey, question about Ignition coils, i bought a universal coil for my honda
    shadow, because the ancient coils on it were terrible, i noticed the new universal
    12 volt coils with 2 lead connectors have a shorter bracket post the the
    ignition coil body, so i was able to bolt down one side of the coils to the
    bracket on the dirt bike, does bolting down the coil have whatever thing to do
    with preparation or making the coils work properly? 

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    Here’s my problem, got a 92 fzr 600R, I was riding and the vr fuse blew,
    was told the vr its self is terrible and sending to much current, so I got it
    replaced, now the bike only starts with a jump from a jumper box but only
    runs on 2 cylinders, was running on all 4 when died though, it runs and
    rides except its like a 250cc, I was told my cdi is terrible and that’s why only
    2 cylinders fire, my email is thanks!

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    i have a yam 125 too with no spark :/ …….got wet now wont fire
    …… reckon cdi and coil then ?

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    pleeeeeze help im going to be buying a 95 zx9r with no spark has
    compression but wont start its my first owned bike just dont want it to be
    a money pit

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    hey im owner of kawasaki eliminator 175 and my cdi was stoped working and
    im also unable to find new or older cdi for it.. so plz tell me is that
    doable to replace with kawasaki eliminator 125cdi

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    hey man you really seem to know whats going on, please send me a mail, i need some help on my bike.

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    Hey mrmax, fantastic vid. I have 1995 triumph speed triple 900 just fitted new
    engine. Early no probs, though 3rd header pipe staying cold on tickover
    until you rev it a bit. Take it out on the road and is fine for 100 yrds or
    so then starts cutting out suddenly then starts again after 30 seconds or
    so and then keeps doing the same. Swapped coils over same symptoms, same
    cylinder, changed plugs, any thoughts dude? just gonna check yer diagnostics
    site, cheers 

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    the problem is that you wreck the plate

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    And turns off

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    I was like, “It runs on smoke! What the fuck!”

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    Thats ancient for a scooter battery. Start there, replace it and charge up the
    new one

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    This one was full of resin too, some guys will meticulously melt it off on
    low heat to try to repair it if it goes south, but I didnt have the
    patience. Apparently the resin is a excellent thought for use on a bike that
    bounces up and down so much, but it does effectively make the CDI a
    substitution unit only

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    Nah I dont reckon its your CDI, if your bike runs then it is sparking and
    your cdi is fine

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    I just bought a 97 gsxr 750… Its been meeting for 2 years. Ive changed
    the plugs, oil, fuel, cleaned fuel tank and lines, new battery, and cleaned
    the heck outta the carburetors. The bike will run at idle but when I ride
    about a mile down the road the bike just shuts off and then about 15 to 20
    mins later ill be able to start it again. Some one please help?? Thanks

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    kawasaki zx11 1992 timing is

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    Clogged jets, vacuum leaks, terrible air filter, or disconnected components of
    the intake system are the most common causes

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    hey man, i got a question, when i check putting the negative onto the
    ignition coil and the positive into the plug doesn’t read whatever thing but the
    plug is new and the wire too, it could be the ignition coil?? and also mark
    4.0 when i test the ignition coil i have to replace that?? thanks

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    For a healthy spark it should be stout and blue

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    Nothing about clutch plates, but I do have several engine videos up, such
    as how to replace the head gasket, and how to replace timing belt

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    If you can find one. Pretty much all bikes use their own CDI’s. What bike
    are you working on?

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    So how wold I find that and what’s the hot wire u talk about?

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    Check out the dirt bike diagnostic website I made, it will cover all kinds
    of problems surpass than I could in a video. TheMotorcycleMedic (dot) com

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    maybe you should burn it???

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    its surpass 2stroke are smoke..and are 4stroke are not surpass to smoke..

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    thnx, i will.