2012 Yamaha WR250 F Enduro Quick Review


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    2013 250 ccm3 and only 31 hp? Honda crf 250 27hp. Haha its a joke or
    what??? Hey japans what the fuck is that. Whats next? 2018 20 hp????
    Rubbish . Real yamahas and hondas are gone. Real bike has 250 ccm and
    minimum 40-50 hp. Theres no real 2 strokes any longer. Fuck off japan dumbs, i
    will not buy that crap

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    It just occurred to me .. The CRF250L/WR250R, because they are both fuel
    injected .. you can get a “power commander” ECU controller and change the
    fuel mapping to increase the power.. vs re-jetting or swapping out the
    carburetors on the KLX.. but damn I really like the Looks of all three
    bikes CRF/WR/and KLX all fantastic looking bikes.

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    You are mistaken the WR250F is not meant for the street its a trail bike.
    This is why Yamaha has the WR250R dual sport and the WR250X supermoto.

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    If you listed to what i said in the review “it’s designed more for off-road
    and trail” but you can register it for the road.

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    Yeah that’s why I like the CRF250L/WR250R, because they are FI they are
    simple to tune plus no need for a choke when its cold. If you prefer the
    KLX25s id be looking for Kawi to FI it for the 2014 develop. Kawi answered
    back hard with the ninja 300 after the cbr250r came out. So expect Kawi and
    maybe even Yamaha to resolution back to Honda,

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    I have a stock 2001 wr250f except the pipe and I hit 110 mph simple and the
    bike don’t weigh nearly as much as a quad either my bike weighs probably
    bout 210 pounds

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    BTW .. there’s a Top Speed Video of a 2012 CRF250L (Thailand) he changed
    the sprocket and exhaust .. 101.9 (MPH) or 164KPH. That’s not too shabby
    for a 250 Thumper if you question me.

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    But the thing with the CRF250L is the non adjustable rear shock! …people
    are saying The CRF250L shock is too soft! i had my eyes on the crf previous to i
    realized the shocks!

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    You did a overview of the XT250 and the WR250F now go do an overview of the

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    That’s an extremely light bike.