Liftmaster Powerjack TT6235 motorcycle lift – unboxing and assembly


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    Posted 08/30/2014 at 7:42 | Permalink

    I have a Yamaha Stratoliner S which weighs 867lbs & my sweet spot is a
    small more forward than what you positioned on yours…by the way, that is
    a nice bike!

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    Hi Marcin,
    Fantastic video. I’m thinking about buying this to lift my 650 Africa Twin but
    i’m not sure if the two lifting pads are too far apart from each other to
    get under the bashplate/frame. Any chance you could tell me the measurement
    between them?

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    If you want to see a real ATV Lift then check out the RAZTECH ATV LIFT !!!!

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    Thanks for the answer. On my shopping list now. 

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    Hi. Thinking of getting one for my 1200 Sportster Custom. What is the
    minimum height of the jack when sliding under bike? How is the quality of
    the jack now you’ve had it a while now? Many thanks, Carl. 

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    Thank you, I needed this!

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    Mine only came with instructions in German. This video has been so helpful.

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    Congratulations on your buy mate. I use mine frequently and I’m loving
    it. Once you work out where the sweet spot is to lift it up evenly you’ll
    find it so simple to use. All the best, Marcin

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    You are very welcome :)

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    just ordered my own just hope it lift mine off the floor, long travel off
    road suspension, fingers crossed looks like a excellent lift