Regenerative Braking – Explained


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    I wld brake all day long

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    That’s .01 gallon per 100 stops, not 1 gallon, .01 gallon.

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    These videos are fantastic. I have a question though, what is the yield or
    efficiency of regen braking/ kers? How much output energy versus input
    energy? A fellow Mec Eng.

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    Regenerative braking isn’t simple. It’s hard to slot in a regenerative brake
    into a combustion-engine car. Mainly if the car isn’t AWD, but brakes
    have to always brake all wheels but the propelling force has to only go to
    the one differential.

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    Hey Jason,

    Is there anyway you could post a video on TCU (Transmission control unit).

    Much Thanks

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    does it produce AC current and then converted to DC using rectifier or
    alternator in the motor (DC generator) ??

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    I wander how long will we have to wait to find out the comparison of pad
    and if also shoe wear. Or to another components at that because when I
    start working for mazda I want to earn the hrs (nahsayin) lol

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    I subdue despise the Prius like most people…

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    Could you do a video on the new F1 ERS? 

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    Can’t wait for more math :D

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    I should smack that ‘disliker’
    Fantastic videos dude..

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    what are the magnets for?

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    thaanx!!!you are really excellent at teaching..i learned a lot about cars by
    your videos….Can you make a video on how McLaren P1 or Porsche 918 hybrid
    systems work?

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    is this the basic of KERS in F1 ?

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    Like your videos. Keep them coming!

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    can you clarify how to go from an open rear end to a posi rear end?

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    Hi, I am hoenestly waiting for your explanantion on KERS used in F1. Hope
    you make one soon! Cheers :)

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    =D you should work on the captions

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    I’m a small confused about how the motor is reversed. Surely it requires
    the current to be reversed too? So if you subdue have to be supplying a
    current to make a current, what’s the benefit over a habitual IC engine and
    brakes? Thanks! :)

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    All F1 Cars have the same engine?

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    So lets say your going 60mph and you let go of the accelerator, but your
    not stepping on the breaks, so how does it keep it from not using the
    Regenerative Breake?? Is there a gear in the wheel that engages to the AC
    motor only when you step on the break? Or how??

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    can you clarify free valve system? please :D

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    do you reckon you could clarify the mechanism that connects the drivetrain
    to the charging system when you press the brake pedal? Is it a clutch disk?
    solenoid? or what? If it were configured the way it is drawn in the
    explanation then the car would be braking any time it should be coasting
    (when the engine or motor isnt providing power)

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    A friend made a final scheme with a system like KERS, the main question is
    when you are slowing the car down the rotation of the alternator slows down
    so the torque you apply to the wheels will be lower, when you need a
    constant torque to induce a constant “deceleration”, so we thought of using
    a gearbox with a variable ratio.

    What do you reckon?

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    Is the system in some way disconnected from the wheel during habitual travel? The
    way I see it, this is only efficient if it is engaged during braking when
    the engine is not being used. Any other time and you’re just splitting the
    energy from your engine.