Virago Seat Recover


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    Have you got a mirror at the side of your cam? to make sure you look excellent,
    its just that your not looking into the cam when your talking. 

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    Thank you fill the holes in nice thought got to dry my foam out first looks a
    bit taky ill try some of that foam glue 

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    very nice. I am going to do this with my ancient crappy seat as well. Ive heard
    that putting whats called “smoothing foam” as your last layer previous to the
    vinyl or leather cover will help everything look really.. well smooth.
    haha. It would get rid of those ridges in the mat if you wanted. 

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    Thanks That’s a fine seat reshape. Liked the yoga matt has gave me lots of

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    First 3 second is gorgeous :))

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    Thanks for the tip. Maybe I’ll do it on my next one!

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    you should check out closed cell foam for your cusion…then you wouldent
    need the plastic

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    excellent job on the seat. the trick on keeping a tight curve on the seat is to
    staple side to side on that part of the seat first then do the front and
    back staples. you started with the front and back first and then stapled
    nearly the sides. you could redo it for the cost of the vinyl and a small
    bit of your time, to get rid of that gap between the foam and the vinyl.
    just a small trick I wanted to share with you that was shared to me….

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    Going to do mine in a minute. Was worried that not being able to have the
    buttons would leave the new cover too loose, but yours looks smooth and
    tight enough. Useful, thanks.